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Rituals P19 If you’ve been going to Mass your entire life, you don’t need to wait for the Priest to tell you when to kneel, stand, or sit, you already know. You’ve been doing it your entire life at the same times during every Mass. It doesn’t take long to develop this ability to perform ritual without thinking about it. The more rituals you do, the easier it becomes. You get to a point where you feel the need for a ritual, even if it’s just to give thanks to the Gods.


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‘Eva StClair’ Junior Ward of season Seed-Fall. Eva is a long way from Wildwood and she knows that there are witch-trolls hiding out there in the mist, but incredibly, one of them has left her a delicate rose and Eva is astounded.

Wildwood-coven reflects the cycle of the year. There are fifty-two characters divided into four seasons: Moon-Frost for winter, Snow-Thaw for spring, Flower-Forth for summer and Seed-Fall for autum...