Wireless internet speed test

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From wired internet connection I am temporarily using wireless internet connectionhttp://www.esupermommy.com/2013/07/wireless-vs-wired-internet-connection/

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If you happen to be flying through tiny Idaho Falls Regional Airport, you’ll be treated to Wi-Fi download speeds averaging more than 200 Mbps, faster than most people enjoy from their home Wi-Fi and more than enough to support such data-intensive activities as downloading and streaming movies. That’s according to tests conducted by Ookla, included in a new study of airport Wi-Fi speeds.

You want to know how fast your connection is? on 3G or on wifi? This awesome app lets you test your connection, handy dandy! #3G #wifi #internet #speedtest

An emerging new technology known as Li-Fi can offer internet speed up to one hundred times faster than the WiFi we use today. Li-Fi is known as light fide

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