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March 19, 2015. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing tackles steep and angry seas as they pass East Cape, the eastern-most point of New Zealand - Ainhoa Sanchez / Volvo Ocean Race


Lesser and Greater Antilles / Windward and Leeward Islands - What is What? | Caribbean Travel Blog - RumShopRyan


Day trips from Honolulu (North Shore, Windward and Leeward Coasts, Kailua, etc.)


Map of Windward Islands 1775, Old map of the Antilles, 6 sizes up to 48x72" (120x180 cm) Caribbean islands - Limited Edition - Print 1


Leeward and Windward are so excited for the second show of The Little Mermaid🐙🐠🦀 #LittleMermaid #Disney #Mermaids #UnderTheSea #Musical #LittleMermaidTakeover #MPHSummer #AtTheCap #REHStage #Clearwater

A Geographic and Geohistorical Map showing the Subdivision of the Society Islands into the the Two Geographic Groups: Windward and Leeward Islands & the Three Historical Geopolitical Groups of Kingdoms Prior to the Annexation into French Ownership. As you can see the "Kingdom of Tahiti" was actually much smaller than the the current concept of the "Tahitian Islands" as being all of the Society Islands.