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The Beaufort wind speed scale designed to help us record the force of our weather illustrated from the calm waters of wind speed 0 up to the stormy seas of hurricane force 10.

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Weather In Germany 14 Days Android App - , Check the weather to 14 days for more than 20,000 locations in the Germany and 200,000 worldwide. It also provides information for ski stations.Hourly detailed forecast for today and tomorrow, detailed forecast every 3 hours during the rest of the week as well as a prediction for the next week.Very complete and easy to use application.Multiple weather variables are available:- Prediction symbol- Maximum temperatures, daily minimum and…

ETo Calc Android App - , A panel of experts and researchers in irrigation was organized by FAO in May 1990, in collaboration with the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage with the World Meteorological Organization, recommended the adoption of the combined method of Penman-Monteith as new standardized method for calculating reference evapotranspiration and advised on procedures for the calculation of the various parameters that the formula includes.The FAO…

Factcheck: Which parts of the UK are windy enough for windfarms? Map showing average wind speeds in the UK