Every Wednesday is Wind Down Wednesday at the Health Promotion Office

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HUMANISM: Something that is related to humans like, their interests, belief, resident, values, their morals, powers, needs, rights.

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This speaks to be me of delicacy and resiliency. I also immediately thought "lightness of being".

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In Sanskrit, Chandra means “Moon”. Moon Salutes are an excellent alternative to Sun Salutations. While Sun Salutations are warming and energetic, Moon Salutations are intended to be cooling and soothing. Moon Salutations target the sides of the body instead of the front and back, as Sun Salutations do. Think sun as masculine energy, moon as feminine. Light of day, dark of night. Ying and Yang ༺♡༻ WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™ #wildwomansisterhood #yoga

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