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Hall of Fame: Arcade Fire

Régine Chassagne and Win Butler of Arcade Fire. I love him and his voice! I think he's meant to be with me and just sing to me all day. :)

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Win Butler of Arcade Fire - when I was a teenager, I would have ached with longing to hang out with him. As it is, I have a mad crush on his lyrics.

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[from pinterest] : Five Images of Inspiration the Home Storage & Spring Cleaning Edition; I would love to have this storage closet!!!

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Ok this one SO beats the under-stairs drawers I posted... what a great way to make more space! My computer would totally be named "CupboardUnderTheStairs" on the network B-)

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Gerard Butler. Obviously, the reason I'm dragging cousin to Scotland in effing January.

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Black Butler Doesn't Daisuke (Sebastian's voice actor) voice one of the llamas?

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Black Butler vs. Attack on titan XD>>>> This would have been even better with Edward Elric instead of Levi XD

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Find your own way to attack! Sebastian had the forks and knives first Claude!

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Anime vs Cosplay vs Real Life. (I can agree with the real life one for sure! ^.^)

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