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This makes me think of Grey's musical episode. The song was performed by Owen (Kevin McKidd), Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and of course my favorite Callie (Sara Ramirez!


Alex and Meredith's relationship has always been a favorite, but it's now quickly becoming my favorite. And no, HE CAN'T REPLACE YANG, NOR IS HE EVER GOING TO.


Bailey is one of the stronger characters on the show I think.. She has her moments, but we're all human and we cry.. Just apart of life.


Jo: I'm sorry, but not everyone's like you, not everyone's good. And now you think I'm horrible, too. Alex: No, if you hadn't gotten to him first, I probably would have killed the guy. Jo:Why? Why would you do that for me? Alex: Shut up, why wouldn't I? Grey's Anatomy Season 9 Finale quotes


Ellen Pompeo Spills Grey's Anatomy Secrets!

//"I want to marry you. I want to have kids with you. I want to build us a house. I want to settle down and grow old with you. I want to die when I'm 110 years old in your arms. I don't want 48 uninterrupted hours. I want a lifetime." - The perfect man, Dr. Derek Sheppard #tv's