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Wilma Flintstone / The Flintstones / Hanna Barbera (1960) a perfect example of a housewife! The old episodes are brill but it's a shame in the new modern ones they have made Wilma and Betty working buisness women now with, and I quote"no time to take care of Fred anymore".It's sad that the housewive and homemaker role has a negative stigma and and is frowned upon.we have to be aware of the messages pushed upon our children in the media. Lizzie x


The Flintstones is the best family-friendly cartoon. It is about a family of cavemen living in a society very similar to 20th century America. It was way better than the Jetsons. It was inspired by the Honeymooners and served as inspiration for cartoons like the Simpsons and Family Guy.

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The Flintstones parody - Cross stitch PDF pattern

The Flintstones parody Cross stitch PDF pattern by cloudsfactory, $5.50


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7283 SEWING PATTERN Fred Wilma Flintstone Barney Betty Rubble Child 2 COSTUME

Wilma Flintstone Costume Pattern | ... McCall's Sewing Pattern for Boys' Girls' Kids' Flintstones Costumes