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William Heirens: The 1946 Lipstick Killer

Imprisoned in 1946 for the �Lipstick Killer� murders of Chicago, William Heirens served 65 years despite evidence suggesting his innocence.

William Heirens watercolor painting signed Bill Heirens - Supernaught True Crime… | Sewer Where Suzanne Degnan's Left Leg Was Found, William Heirens Murder | William Heirens, the so-called "Lipstick Killer," kidnapped six year old Suzanne Degnan from her bedroom the morning of January 7, 1946. He left a ransom note for $20,000. The police were called and they soon found the child dismembered and strewn throughout sewers all over the Edgewater neighborhood, not far from her home. Her left leg was found in this sewer. The 17 year old was ...

2 | William Heirens Break-In | On June 26, 1946, William Heirens, the so-called "Lipstick Killer," attempted to burglarize the third-story of this building. Attempting to escape, he ran around the corner and was apprehended by police. He was tried and found guilty of three murders, becoming the longest-serving convict alive until his death in 2012 having served since 1946. Located at 6928 N. Wayne Ave.


William Heirens on the crime scene during the reconstruction


William Heirens and his girlfriend his mother had told him sex was dirty and he was unable to carry out the sexual act although he found he liked to dress in girls clothes.