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On this day 14th June,1789 English Captain William Bligh and 18 others, cast adrift from the H.M.S Bounty reached Timor after travelling nearly 4,000 miles in a small, open boat, The Bounty had been sailing from Tahiti when crew members mutinied


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William Blight, 1792: "... I have lost the Bounty ... on the 28 April at day light in the morning Christian having the morning watch. He with others came into my Cabin while I was asleep, and seizing me, holding Bayonets at my Breast, tied my Hands behind my back, & threatened instant destruction if I uttered a word ... I was dragged on Deck in my Shirt & closely guarded. I demanded of Christian the case of such a violent act ... but he could only answer – "not a word sir or you are Dead."

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Star-Crossed Captain: Vice Admiral William Bligh

Vice Admiral William Bligh is best known for his role in the famed story of the mutiny on HMS Bounty. A skilled seaman, Bligh rose through the ranks of the Royal Navy and acted as sailing master for Captain James Cook on during the explorer's final voyage. Returning home, William Bligh served with distinction during the Napoleonic Wars and saw action at Copenhagen and Camperdown.


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Ernest Shackleton: he made one of the greatest open-ocean small boat journeys ever recorded, saving every man of his stranded Antarctic expedition. This is second only to Capt. William Bligh's navigation of the Pacific in an open ships boat . . .


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The first ever Aust. political cartoon, showing the arrest of Gov. William Bligh (yes, he of the Mutany on the Bounty infamy) 1808 in a military coup known as the Rum Rebellion

William Bligh, Notebook and list of Bounty mutineers, 1789, starting with the name of Fletcher Christian...

William Bligh's house, Captain of the ship 'The Bounty'