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The mosquito in amber cane is an exact replica of the cane used by the John Hammond character (Richard Attenborough) in the original Jurassic Park movie from 1993. Produced by prop master company Lion...


Sir David Attenborough feels 'incredibly lucky' to be turning 90

Sir David Attenborough has said he feels “unbelievably lucky” to be turning 90. The naturalist and TV presenter, who will celebrate the milestone birthday on May 8, spent Saturday afternoon opening Woodberry Wetlands in London to the public for the first time in almost 200 years. Asked about how he feels about the birthday, he said: “The truthful answer is that I feel unbelievably lucky.

A honey badger attempts to break into an ostrich egg in the Kalahari desert. Honey badgers are opportunistic hunters & will eat, or try to eat, pretty much anything they come across. #EarthOnLocation by Dylan Smith / Silverback Films 2015 @BBCEarth presents: #TheHunt, a 7-part series narrated by Sir David Attenborough. South Africa: Jan 10. July. Available on DVD & Blu- Ray

Thrifty Kate recycles stunning lace dress as she attends premiere of Sir David Attenborough's new film with William

Discovery and BBC Are Amazing – Again – in Africa

Armored ground cricket. This cannibalistic cricket will eat baby birds and can shoot poison. Image: Discovery Channel / BBC / Nick Easton


Attenborough's Life Stories

A quote from Sir David Attenborough.--I was thinking this very thought earlier today, and I almost wept. We have to make changes in this world, or there will be no more humanity in human-kind.