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Wild Turkey Breasts in Mushroom Sauce Recipe


Fried. Wild. Turkey.... will make your tongue slap your eyeballs out good!


8 Simple Recipes for Wild Turkey

Choose one or all of these eight easy turkey recipes for a mouthwatering meal at Bass Pro Shops.


Brined and Roasted Wild Turkey Recipe: This is one of the best wild turkey recipes. The special brine will keep the turkey moist, help spread the seasoning through the entire turkey, and can help trick finicky palates into finding the gamey flavor of wild turkey more pleasing. Ingredients: 1 wild turkey (10-14 lb). Brine: 5 quarts water, 1/2 C. salt, 1/4 C. brown sugar, 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce, 1 tsp soy sauce. Seasoning: 1/4 C. lemon juice, 1 C. butter, melted, 1/8…

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Roasted Wild Turkey

Roasted Whole Wild Turkey Recipe

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Get in the Game: Easy Primal Game-Meat Recipes

Bacon & Spinach Stuffed Wild Turkey did u say bacon?!


With this recipe, nobody EVER believes that it is WILD TURKEY! It is so tender, tasty & melts in your mouth. And if you dont turkey hunt, not a problem, this recipe can be used with store bought turkey breast also. There will be a nice gravy from cookin

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