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"Wii Fit Plus" with balance board to be used with games working on balance. $99.99 for game and board

Tips for Maximum Weight Loss with Wii Fit Games

An active child is a wonderful thing . . . that is, unless they're stuck inside. Pent-up energy is frustrating for kids and exhausting for parents. With Winter days here for a while, more time inside is inevitable, but this year, we're going to be

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Wii Fit U W/Wii Balance Board Accessory And Fit Meter - Wii U, 2015 Amazon Top Rated Fitness Accessories #VideoGames

Did you know that the Wii Fit Plus includes games that help with balance, assessments you can do to see if your balance is improving, and more? Well, now you do.

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Nintendo Wii Fit U with Fit Meter Green Bundle [Wii U Game]

- The Excellent Quality Wii Fit U with Fit Meter WiiU - Wii Fit U with Fit Meter includes: Wii Fit...