Symbols depending how far we want to go with this theme #Metaphors #ShittingMetaphors #StuckOnAllTheMetaphorsInRandJ

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Witchcraft Symbols And Their Meanings | Set of the Wiccan symbols | Stock Vector © Viacheslav Belyaev ...

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Wicca is the recognised Religion for witch craft or witchery. Witches are very Religious and do pray a lot. It was usually kept a secret if one was a witch. Witch craft has existed since that start of human history. They worked on spells and had many ingredients that were needed so the image above shows some of the symbols for important parts of their lives.

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The six gifts of Wicca. Please check out my site to larn real magi.:

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Wiccan Symbols For Protection | Wicca | Wiccan Altar | Pentagram | Pentacle | Wiccan Online | Wicca ...

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