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If i had a mantra as a kid it would be I CANT DO IT!! When it came to physical activity i was always making up excuses for why i needed to give up when faced with the slightest bit of challenge. now in my mid-twenties i am finally in the process of redeeming myself and competing with the old me. by pushing my limits and not being afraid to fail i have not only felt progress in my physical strength & endurance but more mentally resilient and motivated. so here i am struggling to do the very…

Clothes are awesome they help camouflage and disguise our imperfections and insecurities. I easily get discouraged because I'm not at my goal yet and my weight-loss dropped from 10lbs a month to like 1lb a week. It's hard for me to be a patient person so I can discouraged and feel like I'm not getting anywhere sometimes when I feel like I'm trying so hard. I know that's not true a pound is a pound. But it gets to me some days. This is why I'm still trying though I know everyone sees my…

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My Diva Cup, Myself: A Love Story

My Diva Cup, Myself: A Love Story If someone as lazy and squeamish as I am can use a menstrual cup, most women can. So why is it still such a niche product?

Often, when I tell people I am a yoga instructor, some—mostly women—will say, “I’d love to do yoga, but I am too big. Maybe I’ll try it once I lose some weight.” I disagree.


So, this morning solidified why I love the Beachbody workout programs. I am staring 21 Day Fix with a challenge group on Monday so I'm not currently in a workout program. As I've stated before, I've been taking a workout hiatus (aka I've been super lazy)...

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Why Do We Feel Tired?

First of all, I think there is nothing wrong with lazy so don’t deny it if you ARE. Lazy is a type of rest, in my opinion; however it definitely ‘hurts’ when extends for too long. I have personally noticed that if I take a break from whatever I am doing, I am most likely to feel double tired during the resting period AND end up finding it hard returning to fitness mode. Is it true for you too?

To think. To imagine. To dream. My place. Those who make up every excuse under the sun to not look after their health - are only fooling themselves. What a dull dull mindset to have. Your body is your temple - treat it with goddam respect. 'Laziness is attractive' said no one ever. P.S exercise has huge benefits when it comes to the bedroom - I am guessing this is why I see lots of couples training together ;) ;) ;). Can't remember who took this photo but thanks for accompanying me - here…