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Astrantia Superstar (syn 'White Giant') - The large, greenish-white flowerheads look like pincushions surrounded by a spidery ruff of green-tinted, white bracts. These are produced en masse above the lobed, dark green leaves from early summer to autumn adding bobbles of colour to the border. Astrantias have become the 'darlings of the designers' in recent years as they lend themselves to most styles of planting, and mix happily with most plants.


White Feather Hosta -- An amazing new development - large pure white lush leaves emerge in late spring/early summer. Throughout the summer green streaks develop on the foliage creating an unusual yet beautiful effect. Lavender flowers in summer are an additional bonus.


Red Zinger Iris Germanica (bearded iris) extremely hardy and low maintenance plants . Red Zinger is very popular and has beautifully coloured flowers in a deep shade of red. Red Zinger can be planted from January to December. These wholesale bulbs give plants of 60 cm and above tall and will grow in Full shade to Full sun.