Oven roasted free-range whole chicken with lemon and herbs…moist, delicious and easier than you think. Very newbie-friendly recipe! #paleo #glutenfree

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This whole roasted chicken recipe is like a butter infused invitation to belly up to the Sunday dinner table. But it’s so easy you could totally make it any day of the week. | foodiecrush.com #chicken #dinner

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Forget the Rotisserie Chicken! You will fall in love with the crispy skin and smoky lemon garlic butter of this Oven Roasted Chicken Recipe, an easy, gluten free, paleo weeknight meal the family will love! | http://joyfulhealthyeats.com

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Crock Pot Honey Lemon Chicken Recipe - Rubbed with lemon-pepper butter and a sweet honey sauce, this is the easiest, most delicious whole chicken prepared in th

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Slow Cooker Whole Chicken & Gravy! A complete Sunday meal in one pot. While it takes only minutes of prep, this tender, juicy chicken & gravy tastes like you’ve been in the kitchen all day. ©SpendWithPennies.com Slow Cooker Whole Chicken & Gravy Pin it to your SLOW COOKER BOARD to SAVE it for later! Follow SpendContinue Reading...

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There is something about a perfectly executed whole roasted chicken that gets the taste buds drooling. One of My Mr.Tasteful favorite foods is Roasted or Baked Chicken. My mother in-law made the mo...

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LEMON & HERB ROASTED WHOLE CHICKEN Hi again, Trina here from @paleo_newbie_recipes. There’s nothing better than a whole chicken roasting in the oven with an irresistible aroma of lemon and fresh herbs driving everyone in the house crazy with anticipation. This recipe is really easy, very newbie-friendly, and requires only the simplest of ingredients. I'd recommend an organic/free-range 3-4 pound chicken – this beauty is from @5280meat. Add some veggies on the side for a well-balanced…

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