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Rivulets Quilt

"A child is a person who can't understand why someone would give away a perfectly good kitten."-- Doug Larson

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I really feel like people misunderstand the importance of me sharing something with them. If I show you my song, read you my story, I am giving you a piece of me, of my heart, that not very many people ever see. All I ask in return is that you do not laugh at the seriousness of it or overlook the fact that I am giving you part of who I am.

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Hello, I'm Cecilia. I'm an innocent human girl who's 15 and an orphan. I'm traumatized by the supernatural events I've witnessed. I keep quiet unless I'm told to speak. But once in awhile,when I'm alone, I love to sing.

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For the people who love music and books because it's your escape and you would have it no other way 🖤🖤

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.I find Solace. Hmm is it weird that the first thing i thought about was Will Solace!

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Who's a pretty boy then? Bird caught admiring its own reflection pool of water

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Miranda Sings - this girl Colleen (who is actually a singer/comedian) has so much awkward that she created an alter ego for it. And I love her.

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