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Who Sang Gloria

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Inglourious Basterds (2009)

"Inglourious Basterds" de Quentin Tarantino Brad Pitt Mélanie Laurent Diane Krüger Christoph Waltz Du grand Tarantino, du sang, de l'histoire revisité. TOP


Frank Turner - Balthazar, Impresario Lyrics. The lyrics of this song have inspired me in multiple ways. The subject of the song is sang from a musical performer explaining how he is singing his last show. He talks about how his 'craft (music) has been forgotten by the age'. Also, the chorus inspired the title of the film. I felt the lyric 'Once more to the boards' represented Al's career in performance and crafting of guitars.


Gloria Davy November 28, 2012 Gloria Davy passed away, aged 81. She was a Brooklyn-born soprano and the 1st black to sing Aïda with the Metropolitan Opera.

Their first time out of out of confinement of the box or the coop. I created a makeshift temporary pen. But unfortunately one jumped out and ran away and I couldn't catch it. I lost my Cochin, the darker of the two beige birds. :-( She is in these pix. Once she was gone, the darker birds picked on the lighter (different) one and almost killed her. But she recovered and she was the first to be named. Gloria - for Gloria Gaynor who sang "I will survive."