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Star Wars cast on R2-D2 themed plane arrive in London for premiere

I would listen to them<< the Solo-Skywalkers + Stormtrooper?

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Star Wars cast confirmed as Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford are back

She became a pinup thanks to the franchise: Carrie as Princess Leia in the 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI - Return Of The Jedi (left) and w...


£340/$500 UNISEX handmade high-quality brogue shoes with a mirror finish available in various colours including chrome silver and gold. Available for both men and women from London-based footwear designer Luke Grant-Muller, free shipping worldwide.


......whatever the hell 'feminine' means.... Why shouldn't he show different aspects of himself? Just let them be authentic and accept them for who they are and not what they are socially constructed to be.

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Full Force

In a Backyard Far Far Away Series: Star Wars - Chewbecca, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker by Craig Davison * That's so me and my cousins ... miss it

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Star Wars episode 7: Who is Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens?

Kylo-Ren /Ben Solo (Adam Driver) miembro de los Caballeros de Ren y aliado del Primer Orden. Hijo de Leia Organa y Han Solo, Ben fue tomado como aprendíz por su tío Luke Skywalker para convertirse en un Caballero Jedi, en su recién creada Orden Jedi. Sin embargo, creyendo ser demasiado débil para cumplir con el legado de su abuelo como un Jedi, Ben fue atraído al lado oscuro de la Fuerza por un misterioso usuario de la Fuerza llamado Snoke.

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Very Lonely Luke is our new favorite 'Star Wars' parody account

I love Luke, I had since the first time I saw him in 1989 when I was 3 years old...but really...he's like the most powerful Force user in the galaxy, has visions and didn't see/sense Snoke, Ben's fall o didn't react in any way to stop them or save his padawans?? O.o They better give a very good explanation, I remember a young man fighting for the galaxy and the good inside people.

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These "Star Wars" Autographs From Mark Hamill Are Hilariously Unexpected

These “Star Wars” Autographs From Mark Hamill Are Hilariously Unexpected. After writing “May The Force Be With You” 10,000 times, it can get pretty monotonous so the man forever known as Luke Skywalker likes to shake it up and write something funny on the


He must finally want to meet people after being missing for all those years