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White Sore On Tongue

pineapple chunks-loved these, and kola cubes, the roof of my mouth would get sore from eating too many!


Rainbow Crystal sherbet - 2oz in a paper cone bag on the way home from school and a pink finger!

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3 Reasons To Use A Tongue Cleaner Good oral health means more that just brushing your teeth! When you visit Precision Dental in Midwest City our dental team will ensure that you have a good understanding of how to keep your smile healthy and clean. This includes a daily dental hygiene routine of brushing flossing rinsing and tongue cleaning! Using a tongue cleaner can help keep your mouth healthy and your breath smelling fresh. A Cleaner MouthBrushing your tongue in addition to brushing…

Tiarella cordifolia - ( Foamflower ) Part Used: Leaves, Root. Medicinal Properties: Am. Indians used leaf tea as mouthwash for "white coated tongue," mouth sores, eye ailments; considered tonic, diuretic. Root tea a diuretic; used for diarrhea; poultice on wounds.


#flu #homeopathy @DebbyBruck shared,"Kalium muriaticum can be used as a low potency cell salt for influenza with secondary symptoms of sore throat, white coated tongue, and rheumatic pains. ♥"

Nail fungus, baking soda, epsom salts, peroxide and white vinegar.

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Mouth ulcers are painful, open sores, white in color and surrounded by an inflamed red border. Unfortunately many people suffer from this common and irritating health issue. Ulcers often appear on the inside of the cheeks, lips, under the tongue and on the floor of the mouth There are many reasons that cause the occurrence …

#Ororpharyngeal cancer can affect any area of the oropharyngeal cavity including the lips, #gum tissue, check lining, #tongue, jaw the hard or soft palate and throat. It often starts as a tiny, unnoticed white or red spot or sore or swelling anywhere in the #mouth or throat.