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White Pigeon

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Who is the Holy Spirit?

White ring neck doves can barely fly more than a mile but white homing pigeons can find their way home from distances of more than 500 miles. The birds are used to relay messages in war, and are also released during weddings and funerals.

from Susan Tong Photography

Proud Pigeon

'Proud Pigeon' (2011) by photographer Susan Tong. "My boyfriend and I went to the Paradise Park Farm when we were in Koh Samui, Thailand. We rode our rented scooter all the way to the Farm and the place was amazing. These little pigeons were wondering around freely. It was great to see the animals have been taken care of." via the photographer's site


..sometimes I see a picture so beautiful that I pause and look at it for a few moments. An overwhelming feeling of happy emotion enters my heart...and I re-pin...hoping you'll feel the same...<3