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White Magic

modern healers (or white witch): Young girls with strong magic & the will of the good thrumming through their veins. Healers use their powers with the best of intentions. Herbs, potions, & remedies litter their desks & clutter their shelves. They spend their days tending their herb gardens, crafting flower crowns imbued with kind thoughts, brewing love potions & pain stoppers, & piecing jewelry to bring luck. There is no room for darkness in their hearts, only love & happ...

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Wiccan House Blessings Poster or Book of Shadows Page Wicca Pagan Witchcraft

Sage smudging a home this weekend that's full of so much negative energy. This is a good sage smudging prayer.


I grow African Violets on the windowsill in my bedroom that faces Moonrise. African Violets are a feminine plant ruled by Venus and Water. As well as promoting spirituality, they also lend protective energies as well. ~ ad


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