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5 Ways To Look Bright-Eyed

5 Ways To Look Bright-Eyed: White eye pencil

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5 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

5 Ways to Make Your Eyes Look (MUCH) Bigger! Blended softer shade eyeliner on top lids. Bold, black lined makes eyes appear smaller. White-nude pencil creates optical illusion on bottom.


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29 Jaw-Dropping Halloween Makeup Ideas

Step 1: Using a dark red lip liner, map up where you want your stitches to be. Once you get the shape you want, deep the lines up. Step 2: Draw a line on each side of the stitches, leaving some space between the lines. Then blend the outer lines using a pencil brush. This step will make your stitches look three-dimensional and real. Step 3: With a white pencil or eye shadow, highlight the inner stitches to make them look deeper.


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