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White Chocolate Ganache Frosting

White chocolate ganache frosting is creamy and fluffy and perfect on cupcakes, cookies, or spoons!

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White Chocolate Buttercream

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How to Make a Trendy Drip Cake

This would look good as a paint can cake, grey icing around the sides with bright colour drips. Maybe make a paint brush out of fondant as decoration

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White Chocolate Ganache

White chocolate ganache is a velvety smooth, sweet alternative to regular ganache. Turn it into truffles, whip it into a frosting, use it as a glaze or make as a filling for layer cakes and cookies. The choices are endless!

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Chocolate Ganache Recipes for all Dark, Milk and white chocolate Ganache that you can use as a Filling or Frosting for dessert or Fondant decorated cakes

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Always perfect chocolate sponge cake

Always perfect chocolate sponge cake - the recipe lives up to its name, and the endless rave reviews prove it!

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Chocolate Ganache For Cake Decorating

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