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Warning - Whiskey Girl. I like it like I like my men... #Spirits #FoundationLive #BePartOfTheMovement

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Have you ever wondered "What pairs best with my pulled pork sandwich?" Why should wine get all the attention when it comes to tasting and pairings? New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets have assembled an infographic of the origins, flavor profiles and even pairings for your favorite whiskey, bourbon, rye or the rest of the delicious gang.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Always Go For The Girl Who Drinks Whiskey

10 Reasons You Should Always Go For the Girl Who Drinks Whiskey. Hell yes, people! This is the truth right here!

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her walk is like a shot of whiskey. Neat and Strong and full of purpose. And so many underestimate her punch. - JmStorm.

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"She's my little Whiskey Girl, oh she's my little Whiskey Girl. My ragged on the edges girl, aw but I like 'em rough."

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