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Where To Buy Sand

I don't know where or what this is but it looks like it might have once been an awesome ride... except it looks like it is inside an industrial building so who knows...


not usually into modern architecture, but I love light and windows, and it is my dream to live in a house where I step off my porch onto the sand


Maggi Hambling, Summer Wave Tossing Sand -- I would buy a copy of this (could never afford the original) if I could figure out where to get it. Most beautiful piece of art ever.

from La Garconne

Opening Ceremony Julietta Strap Sandal

Where can I buy these? I went to opening ceremony's site but couldnt find them. I am desperate!


bottles Pic is from and has no instructions but pretty simple Using jute/twine wrap around your bottles (I would use a little craft glue where your going to wrap the twine) add old chains and jewelry to them. fun to go thrift store shopping for old necklaces and more to decorate these With these your only limited by your imagination

from Two Monkeys Travel Group

Luxury, Adventure & Long Term Travel

buy a ticket catch a wave make new friends fall in love ¤ Roxy