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from My Pet Chicken

Chicken Harness (Take 'em for a walk


Raising Baby Chicks Without A Hen: The First 6 Weeks -

A thorough guide to raising baby chicks without a hen. Where to buy chicks, setting up a brooder box, feeding, watering, spatial needs, stimulation, and problems to look out for. Everything you need to know for the first 6 weeks.


Parthenocissus tricuspidata 'Veitchii' - Boston Ivy. A big, tough, fast growing climber with lovely autumn colour. Another one to use to disguise those dull fences perhaps? Particularly over behind the shed where its shady and akward.... £14.99

from Cube Breaker

Cute USB Adapters That Look Like the Butts of Disney Characters

Cute USB Adapters That Look Like the Butts of Disney Characters I want pooh! Looks the the story where he gets stuck in the hole after eating too much honey. Lol!


Caring for Baby Chickens - part of Backyard Chickens 101 Series! Lots of tips on where to buy chickens, what you will need to brood baby chicks, what you need to watch for, and lots of *cute pictures*


Mason Bee House - Boost your garden's productivity by providing a happy home for peaceful, non-stinging Mason bees. Slightly smaller than honeybees, mason bees are incredible pollinators. Each one visits as many as 1000 blooms per day — 20 times as many as a honeybee! Hang this natural bamboo house against a tree or wall where it will get morning sun and attract bees. Female bees fill the bamboo tubes with their eggs, and nectar and pollen for the young to eat.


Everything you need to know about Silkies or Silkie Chickens as pets. This book is a must have guide for anybody passionate about Silkie Chickens, Silkies or Silkie Bantams. Facts and information, raising, breeding, care, food and where to buy all included. Black, white, Chinese and bearded silkie chickens also covered. The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style. In a straight...

from Food

Hersha Patel's best-ever chicken curry

Hersha links her Indian past to her British present by cooking on her YouTube channel Cook with a little Indian - where Hackney meets Chapati! She’s in our kitchen with an easy Friday night curry inspired by her mum - and it uses only a few main ingredients so you won’t have to make any special trips to the supermarket for tonight’s dinner.