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Where Is Uruguay

Emma Watson's Overwhelming UN Response


Things to Do in Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo, Uruguay Is where I see our family living in the not so far future. Latin America is the best place to be <3


Buenos Aires: A City That Aims To Please

Where to go, where, to eat, and what activities to do to make the most of your time while traveling in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There is something to suit everyone's taste, no matter their travel style!


copacabana and lake titicaca - what to do, see and know

If you're planning a trip to Bolivia - Copacabana is going to be on your list. Click on the pin to find out the best place to stay, where to find the most delicious trout and why on earth the cars there are wearing hats!


Veja White and Sand Holiday Trainers

The leather used in Veja designs comes from Uruguay, and the tanning process is completed with the help of plant extracts, not chrome or other heavy metals often associated with this process. The cotton comes from Brazil, where it is cultivated without fertilisers or pesticides. The trainers’ soles are made from Amazon rubber, where rubber trees grow in the wild. Using this rubber helps to preserve and enhance the Amazon rainforest.

Casapueblo, Uruguay

Entre palais fantôme et folie visionnaire, Casapueblo déroule sa blancheur fantasque en Uruguay, face au bleu de l’Atlantique. Une œuvre-hôtel signée Carlos Paez Vilaro © Matthieu Salvaing


Where to go next - 15 of the best destinations in the world

Make it a year of travel adventures in our guide to where to go on holiday this year, from the beaches of The Seychelles and Bora Bora, to the cultural capitals of Wroclaw in Poland, and Rome in Italy. Or how about checking out the wilderness of Yellowstone National Park, or Africa’s animals on a safari in Botswana. Alternatively you may wish to go on a food adventure in San Sebastian in Spain, or Toronto in Canada, or explore some lesser known corners of the world in Cuba, Myanmar or…