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Where Is The Parthenon

About the Golden Ratio: The Golden Ratio can be illustrated within special dimensions of Sprials, Triangles and Rectangles where the ratio of the length of the short side to the long side is .618, was noted by ancient Greek architects as the most visually pleasing rectangle and its dimensions were used to construct buildings such as the Parthenon.

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Amal Clooney should back off. Lord Elgin was a hero who saved the marbles for the world. DT 21Oct14 Selwood. "Any art lover who has read up the real story will know that the collection of marbles in the British Museum simply would not exist today without Elgin because they were being systematically destroyed in Athens. If Elgin had not intervened, they would be a mere memory, like the Afghani Buddhas at Bamiyan, dynamited into oblivion by the Taliban in 2001."


Porch of the Caryatids of the Erechtheum, Acropolis, Athens


Greek Parthenon Sculptures from the "Elgin Marbles" at the British Museum


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They are the three principal classical orders: Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. Be able to identify these three styles is easy, looking at the architecture of ancient Greece, or of Greek-inspired buildings. However, the thing gets complicated when they move to Rome, where we can also find Tuscan and Composite orders that were inspired by the Doric and the Corinthian respectively. This Merriam-Webster Inc. diagram clearly shows the different styles of capitals and columns for each order.

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I love where I am from and encourage everyone else to take some time to embrace the best parts of it as well.


Gemma thought taking the boys to the British Museum to see the Elgin Marbles would be an educational experience. She was wrong, of course. ("Elgin Marbles: detail of a frieze from the Parthenon". Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica Online. )


Where Is the Parthenon? ( Where Is ?) (Paperback)

Where Is the Parthenon? (Where Is...?) eBook: Roberta Edwards, John Hinderliter, David Groff: Loja Kindle

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ultimate guide to ancient history

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