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Where Is Lourdes

My old classmate starts with a "P" would call me Petunia for some reason I have no idea cause my name is idea where the Petunia came from.


St. Bernadette died in 1879 and was canonized a saint in 1933. Her body was exhumed in 1909 and fount incorruptilble. It was exhumed again in 1919, still incorruptible. In 1925 she was placed in a crystal coffin, in a chapel in the Church of St. Gildard at the covent of Nevers where she has been on view ever since, still incorruptible.


Madonna, 80's. I love flamenco style / check out my Toledo collection- smooth & lightweight leather jewellery detailed in gold.


HOW To Pray The ROSARY | Jean-Paul II, in Lourdes in 2004, confirmed that Lourdes is a major place of prayer : “Here, the Virgin Mary invited Bernadette to say the Rosary, fingering her own rosary. This grotto has become an astonishing school of prayer, where Mary teaches everyone to contemplate with love the face of the Christ. That's why Lourdes is the place where the believers of France and of so many other nations of Europe and the world pray him, on their knees”.