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Where Is Churchill Downs

Keep the reds rich and deep, the golds of the same tone and tone down potential 'bling' with cool white roses for a classy take on a traditional festive colour scheme.


If you don't have enemies, it means you haven't stood your ground. Find something worth fighting for and piss people off for not backing down.

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Winston Churchill's extraordinary relationship with the founding fathers of the Mail

Sir Winston Churchill ~ Anyone with a care for either education or history will have been appalled by this week's latest manifestation of national dumbing down - the survey which showed that 25 per cent of British people believe that Sir Winston Churchill was a mythical figure rather than a real human being.


How to make edible lace ~ the low down!


The Queen and Winston Churchill 24 Nov 1954. Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill beams down upon Princess Anne as she waited with her mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and brother, Prince Charles, at Waterloo Station, London, to welcome home the Queen Mother from the tour of the United States and Canada.


Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby Museum in Louisville Kentucky


"Promise-Sign" cookies are so simple to make, and perfect for any Girl Scout event! Use your favorite sugar-cookie dough, a Wilton HAND Cookie Cutter (or cut the shape with a paring knife), fold down the pinkie and thumb before baking. Decorate with a Royal Icing "Cuff" and a tiny Daisy or candy PEARLS, and it's a cute yet simple treat! Troop 5007 made these for our End-of-the-year Ceremony, but these would be great for so many occasions!


Kentucky Derby - Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. <> @kimludcom


The Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky.