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Where Is Benghazi

This is where Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary 'Benghazi' Clinton are taking America like, share and comment if you disagree with this direction.


MUST-SEE TV: The combined stress of lying about Benghazi, lying about emails, lying about the Clinton Foundation and battling Parkinson's Disease is really getting to old Hillary these days. Observe this video recorded just the other day where she is addressing the Laborers Union in Las Vegas, by YELLING at them. Now that's a new approach to winning votes. #Shrillary #50Points

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Hong Kong 香港

There was that one movie that came out some time last year, where we felt it was very similar to our story and the values we followed - 13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, it was called.We took many inspiration from this movie and would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. Basically, the soldiers were isolated in a foreign country with no support and very limited resources.

This bitch says Trump thrives as a liar reference where obamacide was born, and history will never forget. What about Benghazi, DNC Corruption, 'accidental' & 'unsolved' deaths, etc??? I'll team with a suspected liar over an obviously corrupt person/family any day of my life, if those are the only options I have!!! WAKE UP AMERICA, we all have to decide!!!


I don't know about you; but, the event pictured below would give me pause before voting for a presidential candidate that would allow this to happen. Sadly, we live in a society where the truth and facts no longer matter. Warning: Clicking on this link will lead you to the TRUTH; and, the TRUTH will set you ????: #Benghazi

Just before 9/11, Obama announces the UNTHINKABLE • USA Newsflash// This is not a surprise. obama wants to bankrupt America and make it like Venezuela. Where they're starving to death.

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'Move on': Clinton dismisses damning House report on Benghazi

PLAN TO FAIL: The Benghazi facility was overlooked and under-protected, leading to a nightmare scenario where four Americans died