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The Nintendo Game Boy turns 25

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Virtual Schooling: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Headed?

It is amazing, when we look back on what we thought we knew for absolutely sure that we wanted — even things we grieved over because they never happened. It is amazing how blessed we are that those things never happened or because we never ‘got’ the things we thought for sure that we wanted. You are in the middle point of here to there. If things haven’t worked out, they aren’t done working out yet....


"After all, to what privilege do I owe your visit?" "We're leaving, now, either with or without you. But I can't stand one more minute of this damn town." So you in or you out? "In I guess. Where are we headed?" "If I knew I'd tell you. But I don't so I won't. Just grab your credit card, and some clothes, and some snacks for the road." "Your insane, have I ever told you that?" "As a matter of fact you have"

from Edutopia

Virtual Schooling: Where Are We Now? Where Are We Headed?

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Holy fucking shit. Mount me right now I don't care where we are just fucking get inside me

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10 Secrets I Learned at Makeup Artist School

We just learned how to we are STROBING!


Adventures of Dave and Ann: Where Are We Now?