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When Was Pearl Harbor

Japan's anger at America led to the aggressive act of the bombing of Pearl Harbor on 12/7/1941. America had a declared an embargo against Japan, banning all goods from being given to them. Japan at the time was at war with China, and without these products from America they were weak and without necessary materials. Japan decided to attack America, thinking that if they distracted the US they could take over South-East Asia , which was rich with resources, without American interference.

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Josh Hartnett: Josh Hartnett Pearl Harbor

Josh Hartnett - Pearl Harbor. Was so in love with him in this movie! Still makes me cry when he dies every time I see the movie which I happened to watch tonight as it was on tv.


B-17s in formation over Germany-Some B-17s received radar enabling them to bomb when visibility was low, a condition which rendered the the Norden bombsight useless. In service throughout World War II, the B-17 served mainly in Europe, but also saw some service in the Mediterranean and Pacific. The day after Pearl Harbor, an early version B-17 named The Swoose, was a survivor of the initial Japanese attack on Clark Field, in the Philippines outside Manila (December 8, 1941) and is…


Aichi D3A dive bomber over Pearl Harbor A silhouetted Aichi D3A "Val" two seat dive bomber is seen pulling out of a dive during th attack on Pearl Harbor. The trapeze can be seen between the two fixed landing gear. The trapeze swung the bomb clear of the propeller when it was released. Outboard of each landing gear the dive breaks in the down position are visible. The diving breaks prevented the bomber from accelerating so fast that it would be unable to pull out of the dive.

Ford Island Control Tower, Pearl Harbor - When Currey was transferred to Washington, command of the squadron was given to Captain John B. Brooks and then Major Hugh J. Knerr, who built hangars and a runway. Early soldiers had to level the island, removing hills and boulders.

The Battle of Midway The Battle of Midway, fought in June 1942, must be considered one of the most certain battles of World War Two. The Battle of Midway effectively destroyed Japan’s naval strength when the Americans destroyed four of its aircraft carriers. Japan’s navy never recovered from its destruction at Midway and it was on the defensive after this battle.


US to exhume remains from Pearl Harbour attack

As many as 388 "unknown" US military members killed will be exhumed more than 70 years after the USS Oklahoma sank when it was hit by torpedoes during the assault in December 1941


PEARL HARBOR – December 7th 1941… Matson Line’s SS LURLINE…Cruise History and Liner History: The SS Lurline was half way from Honolulu to San Francisco on 7 December 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

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A family's struggle to bring a Pearl Harbor sailor home

Edwin Hopkins was on the USS Oklahoma when it was sunk during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He was buried in a grave of unknown sailors, and his family believed his body was never identified. But it was - and now, 74 years later, there is a plan to bring him home.


Hideki Tojo was born in 1884. Tojo was Prime Minister of Japan when the attack on Pearl Harbor. As Minister of War, he made it clear that Japan should go south and take land owned by European nations. Tojo lost control of events and he offered to resign on July 9th, 1944. The, in November 1948, Tojo was put on trial as a war criminal and was put to death.