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Planting Garlic in the Fall: What You Need to Know

The great thing about growing garlic is, well, everything! It gets planted in the fall, after most of the harvest is done and garden chores are boiling down. This saves you time and stress in the Spring, when planting overtakes your everyday life.

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Why You Should Plant Garlic this Fall

Garlic is so easy to grow in your vegetable garden. With a small amount of work you can grow all that you need for a whole year.

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How to Grow Tomatoes in a Hanging Basket

I love tomatoes so I also grow them in hanging baskets - with a built-in water reservoir. Works every time and makes watering easier.

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Learn how to plant, grow, and harvest garlic with this growing guide from The…

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How and When to dig up Garlic

How and When to dig up Garlic!- "Garlic starts to die and dry up from the bottom up. For every clove of garlic in the head, there’s a corresponding leaf. 6 leaves, 6 cloves. You get the picture. When half of the garlic leaves are dried up the garlic is ready to be pulled."


How to Grow Garlic. Where do I Get Garlic to Plant in My Garden? Different Types of Garlic. How to Plant Garlic. How and When to Harvest Garlic.

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When to Plant : Plant in fall, about 6 weeks before hard frost. Set large, firm individual cloves point up in well-prepared soil, burying cloves an inch or two below ground level in mild zones, and…

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How To Make A Sweetpea TeePee

This Sweetpea Teepee is so much fun to grow with your littles and you'll save money when your grow your own product too!!

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How to Make an Herbal Knot Garden

Looks like a manageable knot garden, but be aware this is a very low-water garden. If you give anything more than drought-tolerant levels of water, that Rosemary and Licorice plant are quickly going to grow out of control. You can see the whole project (and plant list) when you click down.


How To Braid Onions For Long Term Storage

Here's an easy and quick tutorial for learning how to braid onions and store them for a long time. Excellent pictures walk you through the process.