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When To Plant Bulbs

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Check out this nifty guide for planting bulbs (how deep and when)

Planting Muscari Bulbs | Virtually everything about gardening. Mother site: ...

3 what to plant, when to plant and how deep to plant to get blooms all spring and summer.

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20 Fabulous Bulbs to Plant in the Fall for Spring Blooms

20 Fabulous Bulbs to Plant in the Fall for Spring Blooms/ I planted 50 Surprise Lilies (not a Spring bloomer) about 2 years ago and now have at least 63 sprouts scattered all over my garden. Will have to dig some up and spread the wealth around.


Tips for Planting Fall Bulbs

This post gives insight and tips for planting fall bulbs when and how to plant bulbs for next spring. #gardening #bulbs


When you are stacking your bulbs remember to put the largest blubs on the bottom and smaller bulbs on the top. Remember to choose a sunny, well draining con


How to Force a Hyacinth Bulb.*This method is a particularly easy way to bring a bit of spring into your home before plants outside have warmed up enough to flower. You can use vases created especially for this purpose, or any jar or vase with a small enough mouth to support the bulb, without letting it fall in the water. The point of a forcing glass is to hold the bottom of the bulb away from the water. SEE WEBSITE for specifics:

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How To Plant Bulbs In Containers

You don't need a garden to plant beautiful flowering spring bulbs. With these tips you can plant your bulbs in containers. Store them for the winter, and bring them out in the spring for a wonderful show of brilliant colors. Options include tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, alliums, and more. Get them ready in the fall and you'll be so glad you did when spring rolls around! #sponsored

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Best Bulbs to Plant in the Fall

Best Bulbs to Plant in the Fall | If you want spring blooms, fall bulb planting…