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'9/11 attacks made up, ' says French best actress Oscar-winner

9/11 horror images of jumpers | 11 attacks made up, ' says French best actress Oscar-winner | Mail ...


Patron saints of the modern artist

The Tate Gallery's celebrity friends are meant to encourage new art. But do they control it? Rose Aidin investigates


I tried to think of a twenty one pilots reference but I couldn't think of one<< there will come a day when i don't laugh at this, but it is NOT TODAY

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The 5 Tiniest Countries in the World

Here we have one of my absolute all time favourite places, San Marino in Italy, it is a state within itself with it's own laws and tax free haven, we vistited here when it was their Independence day and the Old solders of the city were in a parade, this is some where everyone should visit once in a life time, beautiful.


When most people think of tax, the feeling is a resounding cringe which creeps down to the pit of their stomachs. In truth, few people understand tax, and even less have a positive view of it. In essence, though, the tax man is not out to get you – and in theory the tax you pay on goods and services each day is used to build schools, provide essential services and uplift local communities.

Charity can be performed by anyone and everyone. A unique way to help out can be by donating your used or new automobile or even boat. Our charity accepts a wide range of items besides products of transportation. Your donation can help a family or an individual in need. Helping other can even help you when it comes to gaining tax deductibles! Visit our website , or call us at (888)-888-7187 for any questions!

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24 Things Not to Say to a Girl Who's Been Cheated On

This is what I think sometimes when I am trying to teach and nooooobody is listening!


Sometimes I want to ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world...

These poor gorgeous children! Nothing annoys me more than people complaining about tiny issues when there are people out there who have no food, have to work kilometres just to get water which is most likely diseased anyway. One day I hope to go back to Africa, and run an organisation to help these poor babies!! Breaks my heart :(