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The Tate Gallery's celebrity friends are meant to encourage new art. But do they control it? Rose Aidin investigates

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I totally get this. I think negative all the time so if something that could happen, did happen then I will be prepared for it, although I wouldn't be prepared for it, cos when it happens you don't know how your going to handle it. I always book Friday the 13th & Halloween off work.

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Remus had been searching all night.where the hell had Sirius gone. As he rounded the corner in to an ally way he saw a mass huddled on the floor by a wall and his heart dropped

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Mother - It's because of you ... many of my best years were stolen - spent on always trying to earn your love and affection while the whole time you were sucking me emotionally and psychologically dry. I wish I knew then what I know now. ~ Aoife Quinn "It's because of you that I wasted so many years feeling worthless. You STOLE those years from me."

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Science is wonderfully equipped to answer the question 'How?' but it gets terribly confused when you ask the question 'Why?' ~~ Erwin Chargaff

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This is something we should all remember before we speak...before we do. As an Aries, thinking first is something I need to work on! ;) More

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Divide players into teams of two. Start a one-minute timer. Pairs must get a shower cap onto one teammate's head and cover the cap with shaving cream. Then the capless teammate, standing behind a tape or rope line a few feet away, tries to throw cheese puffs into the shaving cream. The team gets a point for every puff still on the cap when the minute is up.

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I feel bad for him, his battle group is dead and he's the last survivor.

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When people hear "PTSD" they most often associate it with being a Veteran of War. What they DO NOT understand, as ALL professionals in the entire spectrum of the field of Mental Health will attest that "PTSD" is just as pervasively damaging to ANYONE who has experienced severe trauma...childhood sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, observing the suicide of a loved one...the list goes on and on. So be educated about PTSD before judging the behavior of those who have to LIVE with…

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