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When Is Survivor On

It's SO easy to think you're going crazy when you deal with narcs and narcopaths. Research and read everything you can on them. Realize it's THEM, it was never you. Knowledge is such power!


12th Century Prince Henry's Room, Fleet Street, London


Remus had been searching all night.where the hell had Sirius gone. As he rounded the corner in to an ally way he saw a mass huddled on the floor by a wall and his heart dropped


Science is wonderfully equipped to answer the question 'How?' but it gets terribly confused when you ask the question 'Why?' ~~ Erwin Chargaff


Grief the last act of love... When I realized this it become easier to except... Life without my lovely daughter Chevon 09/15/1989 - 04/11/2001. Life without my beautiful Desi girl 02/23/1981 - 04/11/2001.


Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Alien. Ripley is clever, brave and resourceful - and she'll do anything to protect her cat!


And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won’t even be sure, whether the storm is really over.

from SwanWaters

Why Validation is So Important

When we talk about SwanWaters, we often explain it as a place of support and validation. There is a reason why we specifically highlight validation, because it fulfills a multitude of important functions in the process of recovery.


Every child is discarded into a city of children in which they are brought up by other children. Children are seen as inferior and do all the work for adults, adults buy and sell them to do whatever they want. Adults refuse to believe they were ever a child. On their 16th birthday children can choose to leave to be an adult or stay with all the children. One year every child stays and proves the adults ideas about children to be wrong.

from BuzzFeed

27 Signs Your S.O. Is A Spy

Leah closed her eyes and rested the cold metal of the gun on her head. It was always this way when she finished a mission. Going back to a dark old room, washing the blood off her hands, and contemplating the life she just took.