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When Does Winter Begin

Best Electric Fireplace 2017 What is an Electric Fireplace? Electric fireplaces can be installed where you want There is nothing quite like having a roaring fire to snuggle down to in the deep of winter. They not only provide radiant heat but they provide a particularly warm glow making you feel wonderfully relaxed and comfortable. Unfortunately not everyone is able to have a real fire. In fact a large number of people live in accommodation where it is either impossible or impractical…

YES<-- I think fandoms are interesting in the fact that even when a character does terrible things we always look at their motivations and if they have a chance for redemption and I think that can be a really great quality.


Gesture: Looking in on the aspired to, dreamt of, Christmas At Home. From outside. In the snow. (YJ, is this right? Does this feel like a good emotional guide for how we want the audience to feel when they look at the stage space?)


Behind The Scenes At Mill Mercantile

Behind The Scenes At Mill Mercantile #refinery29 Name: Kelsey Williams Gig: assistant manager What do you love most about working at Mill? "I'm not a California native, so I really enjoy being able to interact with the amazing people who live in this city. I've learned so much about San Francisco and the joys of other people's lives here just from being around our customers! And...

Earth's rotational axis and orbit around the sun determine the seasons (click to expand)

Edinburgh, Scotland, Xmas and Hogmanay. THE place to be! I love it.


I just wonder what this mama is thinking when she looks at those mouths. Does it look like she's hiding from them to you?


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When do the clocks go back, what is Daylight Saving Time?

Home Office poster announcing restoration of Greenwich Time

Daylight saving time increases stroke risk, scientists find

Turning the clocks forward or back by an hour at the start and end of summer may be tied to increased risk of ischemic stroke, researchers find