The Lewis Family Wardrobe, originally owned by C.S. Lewis's grandfather. The inspiration for the Narnia books. Now on display at the Wade Center at Wheaton College in Illinois.

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Hidden Gems: The Best Colleges In Each State That Receive Fewer than 5,000 Applications Per Year | The College Raptor Blog

The 30 Best Colleges and Universities in the Midwest

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A special thank you to David Hooker & his ceramics class at Wheaton College... — Alice R. Ballard

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Wheaton Front Street Storefronts - The rich architecture of the store fronts along Front Street in Wheaton, Illinois reflect the early morning light before shoppers arrive and the stores open. Wheaton is also home to Cantigny Park, Wheaton College, Chicago Golf Club, Billy Graham Center, and the DuPage County Fairgrounds.

Learn About Wheaton College and What It Takes to Get In

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"If I had those days to live over again, I would give a good deal more time just to be with my children, not necessarily always doing things for them or with them, but just to be there. Such memories linger long in little hearts and help condition them for stormy days ahead," so wrote V. Raymond Edman, a one-time President of Wheaton College, USA. A Tragedy: Incredible but Often True Edman had earlier related how shocked he was when he talked to a son of an evangelical leader. Edman began…

A Christian professor wearing hijab out of solidarity with persecuted Muslim women should be commended, not punished for setting example of Jesus's teachings.

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