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* Roy Lichtenstein - Still life with crystal bowl 1973 | magna on canvas more about Lichtenstien here:

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Tips for First-Time Travel to New York City |

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Cabbies don’t take advantage of tourists They take advantage ANYONE who’s not paying attention. When he asks if you want to take the FDR, the answer is always “no”.--tad harsh, but helpful??

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The Guardian wrote : After the break-up of the Beatles in 1970, Paul and Linda McCartney retreated to their farm on Kintyre, Scotland, to collaborate on a new album. The result was Ram, which went to No 1 the following year. These images capture the couple's life while working on material for the record.

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DON’T STAY IN MANHATTAN. For many people, “New York City” is synonymous with its most famous island, so of course that’s where visitors often choose to stay. But prices in Manhattan are still quite high—the average hotel room is around $250 per day—and unless you’re determined to sleep at a famous spot like the Waldorf-Astoria, you can get better deals off the island. INSTEAD: Stay in Brooklyn. The borough has experienced a boutique-hotel boom in recent years, and many of the…

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When Mr. H.P. Lovecraft stepped down onto the platform of the Pennsylvania Station, on his first ever visit to New York in April 1922, he was surrounded by the neo-gothic imagination in the very ar…