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Whats My Name Lyrics

"My names Blurryface and I care what you think. Wish we could turn back time. To the good old days. When my momma sang and I still sleep, but now we're stressed out."

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Which Music Era Do You Actually Belong In?

CONT... I still remember Love reading the letter, it hurt my heart then but now from my own experience of losing someone unexpected & for a point feeling the uncertainty of my dad making it through chemo, my compassion for what Courtney, Francis & Nirvana band members went through & family, has greatly expanded. It is not a feeling you wish upon any person to feel, but it's life. Sadly such a loss by suicide, has not done much to CONT

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What Song Should You Play On Repeat This Weekend?

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Puggle Lynyrd Skynyrd also says, I’m Puggle-licious. Please find out more by getting my book, “What’s Your Name? Life as a Rock ‘n’ Roll Dog”. It’s the story of the Dog named after a band. Y...

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The Smiths, How Soon is Now? Sad that it took 27 years to learn what the words are! In my mind they were like, "I am the sun and the air....of a (mumble) that is criminally broken."

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at least they're not women's jeans... like a certain someone who's name starts with luke and ends with hemmings.

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The Official Emo Band Name Generator

My Bloody Obsession -@BrielleAMinks<<<<we are forever a divine day, dang it I wish it had some patd or MCR in it

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