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The AMAZING Lessons I Learned When I Friended My Hubby's Mistress

Wow. Now I'm just finding things to draw. This is so cool! More


"We cut flowers because we think they're beautiful, but we cut ourselves because we think we're not". I saw a similar quote to this and I just had to draw it. It took me a while to understand but once I did I felt upset. We are all beautiful but it's not always easy to think this because of what we see and hear around us. I chose to draw forget-me-not flowers to tell you that you are not forgotten. You may feel unwanted or depress but you have a purpose and you aren't a mistake. "Dear…


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wedding Dress Silhouettes

When searching for a wedding dress, the amount of choices can be somewhat overwhelming — especially so when youre first starting to shop. What is the difference between all the different styles? We had the same questions, which is why we did some research and created this guide — complete with easy-to-understand illustrations and shopping options — for each distinct silhouette.