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What Rhymes With Out

Whack-a-word! Call out a key word & whoever hits it first with the hammer gets to keep it... This activity could be applied to lots of things – e.g. rhyming words, colours, shapes, number problems etc (“,)


set the scene for billy goats gruff, what fun for the kiddos to get the chance to act out their favorite stories, this could be done with so many books :)

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Rare Vintage 1970s Hallmark Children's Edition Book / What Daddies Do by Eileen Rosenbaum 1970 Hc VGC

Long out of print, this adorable book describes in rhyme what daddies do. Mind you, this book was published in 1970 so many of the descriptions can be viewed as sexist but it starts a great conversation with your child - women can do these jobs just as well as men can!

A classic children's picture book about the animal kingdom's youngest and most adorable members features unlikely pairings to demonstrate what makes different animals unique, complementing each spread with simple, laugh-out-loud rhymes. By the award-winning author of Bush Vark's First Day Out.

What lucky little chiddlers and grown-up human beans we are getting to enjoy the whoopsy whiffling stories of the Majester of storytelling, Roald Dahl - born 100 years ago today! Let the bagglepipes ring out! To celebrate, we will be posting an image every day. So why not let his memory live on with our Roald Dahl stationery and lunch boxes - perfect for Revolting Rhymes, squiffling squibblings and inspiring lots of babblement among adults, chiddlers and tottlers alike! #roalddahl

Vocabulary Work - For the activity, I tossed vocabulary words in a lunch bag. Kids flicked the game spinner, then pulled out a word. Once they had their word, the fun began! Students act, draw, rhyme, or define their word. They might also have to put it in a sentence, name what part of speech it is, or give a synonym or antonym for it. It's a game of chance!


Chart your child's favorite song or poem onto a large sheet of paper, add simple images for fun and you have a great exposure to print! When you sing or chant, point to the words so your child begins to associate what they hear with what they see. Check out more quick tips on my Facebook page:

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What Do Children Learn From Nursery Rhymes- And Two Free Mother Goose Bulletin Board Crafts!

What Do Children Learn From Nursery Rhymes- And Two Free Mother Goose Bulletin Board Crafts! | Heidi Songs


£10 Moomin picture book with its irresistible cut-out page designs and playful rhyming text in a new version by one of Britain’s star poets, Sophie Hannah. In a delightful, curious game of what comes next, Moomintroll travels through the woods to get home with...