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What Month Is April

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"The time is always right to do what is right." ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 ~ April 4, 1968)


Loretta Lynch sworn in as new US attorney general

April 27, 2015: WASHINGTON (AP) — Loretta Lynch was sworn in Monday as the 83rd U.S. attorney general, the first African-American woman to serve as the nation's top law enforcement official. Speaking before an audience of family members, Justice Department lawyers and supporters, Lynch said her confirmation as attorney general showed that "we can do anything" and pledged that the agency would "use justice as our compass" in confronting terrorism, cyberattacks and other threats facing the…

ASD News An 11-year-old boy with autism drew this world map from memory -


Something a little different to answer the question of ‘How should I study?’ I’ve done some research on the main three learning types- visual, auditory and kinesthetic, so just see which one fits you best (you might be more than one), and try out the six most popular methods I’ve found for each. For reference, I’m a visual learner, can you tell? Haha!

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Comment ne plus être jugée pour les vêtements qu'elle porte !

There is no middle ground, that is the harsh truth.. Try to make an effort not to judge another, woman or man. Let's try to make a middle ground.

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Here's Some Uplifting Graffiti If You're Already Having A Bad Day

That's why they said i'm a welcome change in my current div. I'm a rebel. A young gal got told off by someone for not telling me some folks are not shifting their seats yet despite official changeover of portfolios. I told her to heck it. I don't friggin care where their asses are seated so long as they deliver their work. Learn to stand up for what is right, people. Do what is right.

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First Full Photo of Jared Leto as The Joker in SUICIDE SQUAD

First Full Photo of Jared Leto as The Joker in SUICIDE SQUAD — GeekTyrant