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from Mail Online

Images from history: Rarely seen photographs bring 1800s London back to life

There's a million fascinating facts and figures about the London Underground, but this rarely seen photograph reminds us just what an engineering feat the construction process was. Here we see the creation of the Central Line in 1898.


Is this Rightening or a Lightbow? And what sound does it make Runder? Repinning as much for the humor as the view...


Me: Oh ciel your so freaking cute and scared of thunderstorms just like me and Haruhi! Haruhi: you promised to never tell anyone! Me: oh yeah um sorry....If you want to make things even you c-can t-tell Grell my secret..i-im sure he'll tell everyone... Haruhi: what secret? Me: you know the secret *cough* Triplets *cough*


this isn't even funny and i'm laughing. what the. <-- Bloody hell. I think the end to that sentence is BLOODY HELL! God of thunder, the look on his face is exactly like Loki!


What's that, Mr. Lark? More Demons? DAMN IT. Make sure Angel doesn't get tornadoed off again!! We don't want a relapse of Arotha...