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What Is Word Wrap

This is very important in writing out a character... Damn, I need to think of better ways to portray a character.


Barbara Gray's Blog. One Day at a Time. torn gelli print - 22/04/2014 - utube video tutorial is also available from ClarityStamp site.

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The 20 best magazine covers of 2013

The way they formatted the words around the image (which is graphics vs. actual picture) and the font they used for the text is just so different from what you normally see sitting on the magazine rack.


If its meant to be then it will happen A hope and a curse wrapped up into one. Weve come to believe and subscribe to if-then statements: "If you would just listen then I would stop yelling. Oh yea? Well if you would stop yelling then I would listen. See how that doesnt work? The message we wind up sending is that our behavior our words and possibly the direction our life takes are dependent upon what someone else does or says. We are saying Im not going to do my part if you dont do yours…


I've already tried to explain this to someone who voted Trump and called me a bigot because they thought I was calling all Trump supporters racists, etc. They could not wrap their head around this, no matter how many times I explained it, and would just revert to name calling.

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Honest Christmas Chalkboard Gift Tags

Honest Christmas chalkboard gift tags are what you really need this holiday season. Tired of trying to guess what to buy people at Christmas? Check out these free tags from Bunny Peculiar.


Honey, tell me what you need. I'll be there tonight at 8 just like I always am. And than I'm going to wrap you in a hug and everything is going to be alright

Watch Your Words by Saving Annabel Lee "Shut up! Shut up! You idiot! Do you know the consequence! Of what you said! Of what you've done! Wrap your hurtful lips around a gun! Pull the trigger and shoot straight through me! Then all the pain! You'll finally see! Sow your lips closed! Shut your mouth! Watch your words! You stupid fucking girl!"