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All about Maca - tips - amazing health benefits & recipes

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Narcissists Have Two Very Distinct Groups of People in their Lives

This is a connection work. The image show two different tree branch held together. In the background, there is a sun that surround by a different coloured sky, which gives the tones of the work. I think the two different colours branch could be symbolic the hope and shadow. It connected because the dark and light were excised at same time.

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How Wind Power Works

How #WindPower Works : When you talk about modern wind #turbines, you're looking at two primary designs: horizontal-axis and vertical-axis. Vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWTs) are pretty rare. The only one currently in commercial production is the Darrieus turbine, which looks kind of like an egg beater.


When the contrast gets greater, the desire gets greater too, and that's what miracles are from. A miracle is nothing more than a terrible situtation that has casued strong desire and then somehow, an alignment of Energy with the desire. Every day life creativity, that's all that it is. -Abraham Hicks (art:Robert Triscoli)

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Finally, A More Exciting Design For Wind Power

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