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What Is White Noise

This cocktail with activated charcoal is just what you need to get through the entire holiday season

"You try to tell her what to do, and all she does is stare at you. Her stare is louder than your voice because truth doesn't make a noise. Truth doesn't make a noise." -- The White Stripes


Glitch art inspiration. The black and white colours blurred out are inspirational because it creates a 'digital blur', losing sight of what is real and what isn't.


So this is me new account, I used to be Sherly Locks, I just wanted to say hi, I guess...


Did I ever tell you that once I thought it would be funny to wear my Panic! At The Disco shirt to church group, (THIS IS GOSPEL) and my MIDDLE AGED SUBURBAN WHTE MOM CHURCH LEADER looks at me, says "nice shirt" and winks. WHAT


Inspiration: Surreal Photo Montages by Thomas Barbéy

Black and White Photomontages This image suggests that deep inside the body there is something hidden that could be famous and well known for e.g. Taj Mahal (7 wonders) or how there is a strong emotion buried down deep e.g. Taj Mahal was made in love. This links to my theme of people, emotions and actions based on those emotions.